Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Not again

Last night I dreamed of Earth being attacked again.

Last month, I dreamed that a horde of flying creatures (let's call them birds) descended upon the Earth. Their leader was a giant creature that looked a lot like a rubber duck. Our leaders tried to negotiate with them, but I felt that they were up to no good.

This time round, the aliens were mostly humanoid like us. But they had at their disposal giant woolly mammoths. These mammoths had the ability to infect our animals, turning them into zombie-like creatures with elongated jaws and sharper teeth.

Among these aliens was a small mischievous boy. Somehow, one of the humans had managed to influence this boy, who was perhaps a prince of some sort. Thus, the aliens attacked and rounded us up to find the cure.

I'm just posting this here in case it becomes true, so that I can say I told you so, while the rest of the Earth goes down in flames.

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