Sunday, June 06, 2004


I just came back from a movie + dinner with a group of friends. It had a "Last Supper" kind of feeling, and afterwards everybody said their last goodbyes to me.

Updating this website is going to be a pain in the next couple weeks. But I hope to post about my early training experience, if there's anything interesting to share.

But anyway, tomorrow I shall be reporting to the island of Tekong, where I will solemnly vow to spill my lifeblood for my country. Then after the administrative paperwork, there'll be the head shaving ceremony, tour of the facilities and an introductory session, before training begins in earnest.

I only hope I'm not too pampered and spoiled to adjust to army life, which is already pretty slack where I'm going.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Last Days

7 more days to NS.

My original plans to work on the games project don't seem to be going anywhere, especially when everyone's busy/not interested. Well, it's their decision to make. So the question is, how to spend the last week of "freedom"?

My problem with the Army is that it requires total dedication, you're stuck in camp and there's no room for anything else. Which sucks, because I've not finished learning everything I want to know yet. It certainly won't be easy to start learning again after the next 2 years. I guess it's my own fault for wasting so much time.

I can't think of anything interesting to write. It's been a pretty dull day. I went back to my school to showcase a project, but I didn't really do much except to get in the way. Our "customers" were all secondary school students. Their knowledge of technology was pretty good, and they asked some smart questions too. The worst part about presenting the showcase was that I was a freeloader, so I felt pretty lame.

My dad is talking about buying a Palm device, so I don't get totally out of touch during NS. It's a nice gesture, but I don't think expensive hardware can be/should be brought to camp. Man, it would be great to read e-books and play a few games during long hours though.