Monday, May 29, 2006

2 more months...

Well, it's been a long two years for me. Now I'm about to be free of national service, and it's time to start looking ahead. I'm going into NTU this August to study Computer Science. But first, I have to plan out my ORD...

  1. Plan and apply for leave
  2. Start to bring my personal effects home (guitar, amp, etc.. :)
  3. Go for medical and dental checkups
  4. De-kit my stores with the CQ
  5. Get my clearance forms signed

That last part might be the most troublesome. I have to get like 20 signatures from people whom I don't even know. Hopefully it will go smoothly. I hate these random variables. Who said ORD was easy anyway... I still have to collect my pink IC on the same date I'm entering university.