Sunday, August 27, 2006


After reinstalling my OSes 3-4 times in the past few days, I've come to realize the value of having a separate backup system.

I need something with more storage though. For stuff like photos. Mozy's servers don't seem to be as reliable as I'd like, too. And the client, which you MUST use, is Windows XP only.

At least I've managed to save my years of IRC chat logs though.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hello world

OK university life is not exactly what I expected. Living in a hostel when you're surrounded by people you don't know sucks. Everyone keeps their door closed. Including me, I guess =) This makes it hard to introduce yourself.

Crazy huh. My parents are paying for my education, how lucky I am. But I'm here whining away about isolation.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What just happened?

Call it crazy/sci-fi/fantasy/fiction, whatever.

The fact is that I just had a waking dream.

In this dream I could walk around on At first I was just coasting around, suddenly it clicked that I was in a dream and I could do whatever I wanted.

It was a exhilirating experience, I felt very much alive during it.
My heart is still pumping from the feeling of flying(which I did do in the dream)

Some boring accounts of my experience in my totally made up dream world is as follows:
I can only remember bits and pieces of it now.

I was with some poly mates. Sitting in some rocking chair thing. Weird, I know.

I was exploring this place. It was empty and barren. This happened a few times, all with different places.

I saw people sometimes. Sometimes they would say something to me, but I couldn't talk to them. I saw a good looking girl too, but when I tried to kiss her she pushed me away :) :(

Sometimes I was doing things to the environment - ripping pieces of the walls, looking through with "x-ray" vision, etc. No one seemed to respond to my vandalism.

I had a encounter with devils too. Perhaps they represented the demons in my heart? How poetical.
I had to come into physical contact with them. They held on and wouldn't let me pass. I prayed to God and suddenly I moved to the next phase in my dream.

Oh yeah there was flying too. I found I could float or just speed whereever I wanted. Cool, like some superhero. I even encountered an evil empire which threatened the planet. But I didn't fight or anything. just spied on their soldiers. There was a heroine in that story too. But as soon as we met the dream changed :(

Why did I think that this was a lucid/waking dream? It was much more vivid. I could recall a lot more. I also was aware, while dreaming, of my real identity. I keep telling myself my home address, thinking of my real room. I could move my physical body while in the dream too (or maybe that was part of the dream?)

Before this dream I was really dog tired. I even fell asleep during Economics lecture earlier on.(not that hard to do - it's Econs). Then, I stayed up even later to try and fix problems with my laptop. By the way, my desktop monitor seems to have blown up this evening as well.

My writing is shoddy and probably full of mistakes. That's because I'm writing in the early morning. I don't know how tired I'll be tomorrow. Aiya it's National day anyway...

Ubuntu again

I formatted the old linux partition and reinstalled Ubuntu. Haven't installed the temperature sensor, but processor scaling seems to be working again. From putting my hand near the heat exhaust, it doesn't seem as hot as last time. Hope that this isn't the prelude to an explosion or something...

Monday, August 07, 2006


Taiwan is nice and fun. There were many great places to see. The food is good and cheap too.

Okay, pics.

Ubuntu is killing my laptop

I guess alternative OSes are just too advanced for me. I can't seem to stop Ubuntu (Dapper Drake) from overheating my ASUS W3J. It starts at 70 degrees and slowly rises after startup, even though it's idle. Meanwhile in Windows, it averages 53 to 55 degrees. After reading some forum posts, it seems that the solution requires recompiling the kernel or something, so that Ubuntu can access the fans or throttle the processor. This seems like a really nice OS, but I'll have to stick with Windows until I can really look into the problem.

What irks me is some forum posters writing that it's not a OS problem, it's the manufacturer's fault. If the laptop stays cooler in Windows, how can it be a hardware problem? I think Ubuntu should have more built in GUI support for laptops, like ACPI and suspend modes. A new user like me won't know about things like command-line configuration and recompiling the kernel.

I really hope nothing went wrong with my laptop after that experience. Argh.