Monday, May 21, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Very tired today. I didn't get much done, really need to start working on my projects soon.

I've been toying with elinks and w3m these few days. These are text-based web browsers, meaning you can surf the net using a simple terminal. Both software have their pros and cons: w3m has better rendering but elinks is more usable. Either way, its nice to browse web sites without distracting images.

One thing I did today was to play around with the source code from my friend's mobile game prototype. I removed the splash screen and high score system (because it needed a server), but haven't wrapped my head around the game code itself yet. Ubuntu works very well with the WTK beta released by Sun.

I just got baptized today. Joy? :)

My dad flew overseas for business. I saw him off at the airport, then had an enjoyable dinner at Swensens.

Goals for this week
1. Get started reading some books given to me by the church and family
2. Arrange a dinner with guitar-ensemble mates, since I probably won't keep in touch next sem.
3. Finish the basic functionality for the freelance project.

Number 3 is quite worrying. Its turning out to be a bit more work than I had expected. Hope things will go smoothly.

P.S. I don't know when I started writing in point form. I don't know when it will end either.

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