Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sitex? What Sitex?

Went to Expo today with a Poly friend to see "Big Boy's Toys". Basically it was like an issue of FHM brought to life. Flashy sports cars, sleek motorcycles and even some skating stunts show to watch. I guess it was an okay experience for my $10. The skimpily clad models beat next door's Sitex girls hands down, and I could have killed myself for not bringing a camera.

Sitex was relatively empty this year. At least I didn't have to jostle and barge around just to move an inch forward. Didn't even see a Microsoft booth... and I'd hoped to see the XBox 360 too. Some guy at the Razor Gaming mice booth was playing 1v1 Counterstrike vs a 6 yr old boy then later some 10 yr old girl. It was a open category to anyone, but I bet he felt like less of a man after thrashing both of them. Anyway his prize was a Razor mouse and pad, so I guess it was worth it.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Slow Week

I did nothing but play games this week. And go out with my family too, which was good. I hardly talk to them on my normal weekends.

Games I played or tried:


Shining Force Neo

Shadow of the Colossus

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Space Rangers 2

Space Rangers 2 is a crazy russian space game where you just travel the galaxy in your ship and do whatever you want. There's turn-based strategy, RTS (warcraft style), Arcade action and even text adventures all rolled into this game, therefore it owns me.