Saturday, January 21, 2006

After a birthday party

Just finished sending off everyone from my house. Feeling dead tired, but it was fun. Seeing everybody with their significant other made me cold and lonely inside, haha. I'm going to finish reading a fantasy novel by Phillip Pullman before I go to bed. Got a borders gift card as a present, so maybe I'll buy it's sequel tomorrow. ;)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Coding again

A couple of friends asked for help with their projects, so I spent the whole afternoon working on Java applications. Which makes me very tired and grumpy. This is because Java is very syntax heavy, requiring far more typing of symbols than most other languages. Everything must be specified in great detail before you can even run the program. Maybe this is great for enterprise level software and other professional code, but it's really too unwieldy for an amateur like me. I kept skipping the usage of brackets and forgetting to put semi-colons. Been using too much Ruby lately I guess.

Ruby on the other hand, has it's own set of problems for me. So far I've only used it for simple shell scripting, transferring files into my Palm and so forth. I can't seem to do anything major with it though, like 3d programming. It's performance is nowhere near Java or C level. But I think the real reason is I don't really have a focus, like a particular software that I really want to write. Lack of motivation has probably been the story of my life so far.

It's really loud outside. People in my condo are throwing a new-year's party, accompanied by lots of shouting, screaming and music. Happy new year.