Sunday, March 19, 2006

Test Driven Development

Reading this article on TDD inspired me to work on my game again. I've been going over code I've written and making unit tests. Excitingly, my program no longer runs.

It's partially due to the unit testing, which made me look through the code and discover what a mess it was. I may have to rewrite some stuff again, but at least I'm no longer slacking.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Time Sinks

These are some of the sites that I can't resist visiting at least once a day, and probably a lot more. I wouldn't say they are a waste of time... more like a black hole that sucks up every inch of personal time you have, preventing you from ever getting anything done. I hope one day to wean myself off these nightmares.

  1. - Social bookmarking service, shows an endless stream of interesting/unusual urls that I MUST FOLLOW

  2. digg - Community ranked news site, sometimes a lot of crap but usually very up-to-date on the latest news

  3. digglicious - a cruel blend of digg and delicious, uses ajax to display new activity on either site, updated in real time

  4. Arstechnica's gaming forum - occasional good discussion on games. Sometimes I find myself reading some stupid thread for hours.

  5. Google's startpage - Google has a customizable portal page that allows me to view all the latest page feeds. Everytime I glance at it, there's something new and then there goes 15 minutes of my time.

  6. Newsvine - A site offering user-submitted and professional news blended together. Since it's a new site I'm not sure if I'll get sucked in too, but I'm weak so anythings possible.