Sunday, May 16, 2004

Having just came back from the party, I find there's not much time left to write. (I'm dead tired). The party was fun, I had fun, everybody had fun.

In soccer news, the final day of the season has passed, and there were no surprise results to be had. Arsenal preserved their season-long unbeaten record, and the other two big teams, Man U and Chelsea, won their respective matches. I guess nothing significant really happened, except that Newcastle cinched their place in the UEFA cup. Congrats.

With Leeds relegation into the first division, I shall look forward to seeing how they perform next season. Life in the lower leagues is not to be seen as a setback, but a new experience. The only thing that I hope for is for them to put an end to their financial and management troubles. I'm really not a very demanding fan.

Over the coming 2 weeks, I will be writing on my experience of working on a computer game project. It used to be a school project, but my friends and I will be working on it on our free time now.

After those 2 weeks, I will be going to serve in the army. I'm going to miss my slacker's lifestyle.


SuperLobster said...

Congratulations on choosing to serve! I salute you! Also, what kind of game? Can you give any more info on that?

Tan said...

Not sure if you're aware, but Singaporeans have to go through compulsory national service, so it's not really a matter of choice.

Thanks for your comments though.

As for the game, it's a 3d shooter taking place in the future. It uses statistics to determine the results of combat(like an rpg). And it's multiplayer only.