Monday, May 05, 2008


What a great day, some nice weather in contrast to the scorchers we've had in the past few weeks.
So, it looks like I've got the entire holidays right in front of me! My exams just ended last Friday, so I guess todays the official start :)

Time for my usual holiday wish-list, hope I don't blow it playing games again like I did last time...
  • GSOC! This is very exciting, I get to work on a open-source games project. Having to write code that will be used by others... is kind of an honour. So far, I've only done personal stuff and school projects, which I assume they throw in the virtual bit bucket after grading.
  • There's some friends who want to start a club in NTU to advocate open-source. Not sure if I'll be roped in the committee, but I wouldn't mind helping out in some of the activities.
  • Study...? There's a lot of stuff that I want to learn before entering the working world, especially math which I've never been good at. I've some books on statistics and calculus, fundamental stuff which I've been neglecting for too long.
  • Get some exercise...
  • Get some more music and books

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