Saturday, July 31, 2004

Not that anybody actually reads this site, but it's sort of disappointing to have so few updates. It's been what, a month already? There isn't much to say about army life, really. I'm a lot fitter obviously, but still below the standard required here. Slowly but surely, they've been teaching us the tricks of the soldier trade. We learned about our main rifle, close combat and some basic first aid this week alone. It would be pretty fun, if the pace wasn't so hectic. We're lucky if we get more than 30 mins of free time before lights out each night.

There was also a recruitment drive this week, with all the armed forces trying to get us to sign on. Some very attractive pay + benefits packages were offered, and the presentation was super slick, but I didn't take the bait. I guess I'm just not ready to sign away 10 years of my life so easily.

Watched I,Robot last weekend. I found it to be a decent movie, although very generic and typical of a Hollywood action film. I think it got my attention only because of the book tie-in.

I've been thinking what to do during my short weekends away from army life. Resting seems like a good option. I'll go rest now.

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